Questions for Discussion:

Consider Computer Science as:

What are some of the problems or successes did you have in teaching C/S either as a course or as a component of a unit or course?

Consider the traditional method of teaching C/S... How do 'we' reach the non-traditional student learning C/S?

What is computer science and computational thinking?

What does it take to be a C/S professional? If an academic institution outputs students as professionals; what does a computer science professional contribute to industry or commercial enterprise?

Is it possible that attempting to be creative in art could influence being creative in computer science?

Is the use/teaching of instruction in "Processing" or other visualization language able to bridge the learning of Computer Science as Theory, Profession or Tool?

Principal Investigators:

Jennifer Burg, PI and Professor of Computer Science
Wake Forest University

Conrad Gleber, Co-PI and Director of Digital Arts and Multimedia Design
La Salle University



Schedule of Activities

Questions for Discussion

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Ken Baldauf, Florida State University
Director of Interdisciplinary Computing

Tom Blum, La Salle University, CS

Deloy Cole, Greenville College
Program Chair, DM & CIS

Cezanne J. Charles, rootoftwo and ArtServe Michigan

H. Quynh Dinh, Stevens Institute, CS

Sherman Finch, Philadelphia University
Department of Design And Media

Dan Falabella, Albright College, CS

Abbe Forman,Temple University, CS

Marc Fornes, Consultant
Theverymany (Marc Fornes) & SJET(Skylar Tibbits)

Kyle Gower-Winter, Florida State University
Program in Interdisciplinary Computing (PIC)

Ira Greenberg, Miami University
Associate Professor, Interacitve Media Studies/Art

Timothy Highley, La Salle University, CS

Hubert Johnson, Montclair State, CS

Brian Ladd, SUNY at Potsdam
Assitant Professor of Computer Science

John Marshall, University of Michigan,
School of Art & Design

Margaret McCoey, La Salle University, CS,

Jeff Nyhoff,Calvin College, CS

Todd Pashak, Miami University,

Mike Redmond, LaSalle University, CS

Gail Rubini, Florida State University
Professor Visual Art and Design

Skylar Tibbits
Theverymany (Marc Fornes) & SJET(Skylar Tibbits)

Bill Weaver,

David Wicks,